Become Our Partner

Oriental Optical partner program is designed to create differentiation for our business partners, promote unique and most comprehensive solutions to customers, and accelerate our partners’ business development and expansion when using our eyewear products and eyewear AR try-on technology.

Why Become a Partner
By choosing to join our partner program, you’ll enjoy special offers on our eyewear and eyewear AR Try-on collections without any membership fee, and are entitled to distribute all our products in your country. You can claim these advantages once you enter into partnership with us.
What are the Benefits
You can have a tremendous opportunity to experience greater profitability with the revolutionized and pioneered eyewear AR try-on system as well as the eyewear products with competitive, factory-direct prices and superior quality to lead in eyewear retail industry and expand your business quickly. With a wide range of rewards and sales commission in the partner program, you’re able to explore all the potentials and possibilities in the era.
How to Become A Partner
To make your request, contact the marketing department directly by email at
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